Book One - History of the West With Jemmey Fletcher; Ride to Rendezvous

Book One - History of the West With Jemmey Fletcher; Ride to Rendezvous

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Jemmey Fletcher was born in a dirt floor Missouri homestead in 1821, at a time when America was set to expand into her new western lands. Growing up, Jemmey plowed the soil, did the chores, and split wood like any lad would have done. In his heart though, Jemmey never was cut out for the farmer life. He always felt the pull to the wild. As the American frontier expanded west, Jemmey knew he would have to live on the very edge, experiencing a rough and tumble life as he hammered out a living from the land. Little did he know the adventures that lay ahead.

 History of the West with Jemmey Fletcher; Ride to Rendezvous is the first book in the Jemmey Fletcher series. This book follows young Jemmey Fletcher as he decides to leave his Missouri homestead, and strike out for the mountains. Along the way he meets a colorful mountain man named Laramie, who breaks the greenhorn in. As Jemmey makes his way to a mountain man rendezvous, he’ll have to battle hunger, thunderstorms, attacking Indians, and most often himself to find out if he has what it takes to be a Rocky Mountain trapper.

 The first of a series, Jemmey Fletcher books were written to take students on an adventure through the American frontier in a historically accurate way. Each book was written to tell a particular story of the West, and highlight a specific event, or time period of that history. Written for educational purposes by award winning teacher Cody Assmann, each chapter has reflection questions to reinforce the factual information contained in the chapter. Many chapters also end with extension research links, to allow students the opportunity to continue learning about factual events or people portrayed in this book of historical fiction. Finally, nearly all the chapters end with an extension activity that students can complete at home. These activities have been developed to enhance student’s grasp of history, by actually participating in historical skills. Not only will the reader get to learn about history in a fun and entertaining way, but they will also get the opportunity to live out scenes from the book.

 Written for students of middle to upper grades, Ride to Rendezvous was written with many students in mind. It was written for the gifted and talented history student who can’t get enough of the subject. It was written for the student who enjoys history, but doesn’t connect well with textbook reading. It was written for the youngster who dreams of hunting, fishing, trapping, and living the life of his frontier heroes. It was written for teachers who need more challenge for their students, and for camp sponsors who need help creating activities. It was written for the student with a summer to burn, and nowhere to point their energy. In short, it was written with students in mind, and written to teach them about frontier history.

 Pick up the first copy of the Jemmey Fletcher series and unlock a world of possibility for the student who needs the challenge. They’ll be glad you did.

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