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About Frontier Life

During the 1800’s America’s western frontier gave birth to some of The West’s most memorable heros. From Kit Carson, to Laura Ingalls Wilder, these heros still shape and influence our lives today. Their pathways became out highways, their trading posts became our towns, their stories are our stories, and their frontier character has become the character of The West. Frontier Life has the educational resources to make the stories of those iconic individuals come to life.


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All books and stories on this website aim to tell the truth of The West as it was lived by iron-willed frontiersmen, without all of the Hollywood daydreaming. Extensive research from primary sources, and historical non-fiction, form the foundation for all of my books. Living history experiences have also helped me understand the subject I write and teach about on a much deeper level. Although I consider learning about history to be an ongoing process, my books and stories have been written to educate, and to tell the true stories of the frontier. Truth really is more amazing than fiction.



Recipient of the Nebraska 2019 Social Studies Teacher of the Year for the 3rd Congressional District

I’m happy to announce I was selected as the 3rd Congressional District Outstanding Teacher by the Nebraska State Council for the Social Studies in 2019. I earned this award for my approach to teaching history that endeavors to bring this fantastic subject off the page.

Immerse Students in the Frontier

If you are a teacher of any kind (public school, home school, 4-H, summer camp) one of your biggest challenges is getting your students to engage with your subject. Frontier Life resources are designed to immerse students in frontier history by providing hands-on learning experiences within the context of a historical subject. The Frontier Life curriculum is meant for students of all ability levels, and may provide great extension opportunities for high ability learners, who need an extra challenge.