Field Cleaning a Flintlock Video

Field cleaning a flintlock is one of those pioneer skills you might think is completely lost. Think again.

Some people out there seem to think pioneer skills and knowledge about how to live traditionally are gone forever. People may also think the only place to learn about history is to read a book, or to watch a documentary. Fortunately, in both cases they would be wrong. In reality, there is actually a thriving population of people who have dedicated their lives to keeping traditional skills and knowledge alive. They keep this knowledge alive by readying and studying, but also by actually living history in the modern world. One example of this, is Simeon England’s video on field cleaning a flintlock.

 If you are interested in the subject of field cleaning a flintlock, or living history, you might find this video interesting.

As you can see, this type of field cleaning is meticulous, but fairly uncomplicated if you have the right tools. You can also benefit from Simeon’s experience for free if you have the interest. Even if you’ll never clean a flintlock, watching this might give you a better understanding of the books you’ll read about any of your favorite pioneer heroes.

 These types of demonstrations are excellent examples of why living history is so important. First off, these are the sorts of things that are easy to read about. Really, how many people would actually pick up a book on field cleaning a flintlock? Perhaps the only people would be the folks who already know a good deal on the subject, or at least shoot a flintlock. But, when you can actually watch somebody perform the task, it might draw in a few more people. It not only is more engaging, but it also is a much better way to learn for some people. In the end, people like Simeon England are keeping the past alive in a very real way and we are fortunate for that.


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